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Preventative Care

Preventative care is the best way to protect your pet from future illnesses or injuries. We offer preventative care services that will help ensure the health and safety of your animal.


Examinations are an important way to verify the health of your pet. Yearly examinations by our veterinarians help us find diseases early on so that they can be treated as quickly and efficiently as possible. Examinations allow us to find anything about your animal that may be concerning or may turn into a future concern. These exams are also a great time for you to express any concerns or questions that you may have about your pet and their health. We recommend getting your pet checked out by the veterinarian at least once a year to minimize the chance of diseases spreading and to prevent any injuries or illnesses from worsening.

Our general wellness examinations will examine your pet for any concerns. This examination will include checking your pet’s:

  • Heart and lungs
  • Eyes
  • Teeth
  • Abnormal lumps
  • Joints for arthritis
  • Hair and skin
  • Ears
  • Lymph nodes
  • Weight

Once we have properly assessed your pet and found any possible concerns, we will provide recommendations based on the results of the exam.


Vaccinations are key to preventing certain illnesses and diseases in your pets. Having these vaccines done at the right time are important to make sure that your pet lives a long and healthy life. Without the proper vaccines, some diseases can cause a lot of harm to your pet, and even death which is why we make vaccinations a priority.

Some of the vaccinations that we provide include:

  • Rabies
  • Kennel cough
  • Leptospirosis
  • Canine influenza
  • Canine distemper
  • Lyme disease
  • Feline leukemia
  • Feline distemper
  • Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV)
  • Feline Leukemia

We always make sure to consider the age, sex, environment, and exposure risk before providing any vaccines for your cat or dog.

Parasite Control

Parasites can be very dangerous for animals. Little insects like fleas or ticks can create a big problem for your pet’s health if left untreated. Coldwater Animal Hospital makes sure to offer the best parasite control possible. Our team checks for parasites during your pet’s yearly examination, and if found, necessary measures will be taken to help your pet regain its health. We offer heartworm testing, tick borne disease testing, treatments and preventative care measures for your cat or dog.


Losing your pet is a traumatic experience, and it is often a pet owner’s worst fear. Here at Coldwater Animal Hospital, we know how important your pet’s safety and wellness are to you, which is why we recommend microchipping your animal so that it can be found anywhere at any time. You may think that collars with your home address and phone number are enough to keep your pet safe, but if your animal gets loose without its collar or its identification slips off, it will be much harder for your pet to find their way home. Microchipping is an easy and safe way to ensure that you are reunited with your pet if they ever become lost.

Nutrition & Weight Management

Proper nutrition and weight management are important ways to prevent future illness in your pet. Having a proper diet and engaging in regular exercise are two big things that can help your animal live as long and as healthy as they possibly can. It is tempting to give your pet treats all the time to make them happy, but having a balanced and healthy diet will benefit your animal much more in the long run. At Coldwater Animal Hospital, we know how important nutrition is for animals, so we offer recommendations and prescribe diets to animals that need them. If an animal is over or underweight, we will recommend the best products and best care instructions to get your pet to a healthy weight so it can live a long and happy life.

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