Coldwater Animal Hospital

Hospital Policies

Coldwater Animal Hospital has important hospital policies in place to ensure the safety and wellness of your pet. All of these policies should be followed to make sure that your pet and others remain happy and healthy.

Appointment Policy

Our animal hospital requires appointments to be made in advance. If you would like to schedule an appointment please give us a call at 585-247-7200.

New clients should arrive 5 minutes early to their appointment if they have filled out the "New Client" paperwork ahead of time. If not, please arrive 15 minutes early in order to fill out the necessary paperwork.

If you arrive late, you may be asked to reschedule your appointment. If you can no longer make it to your appointment and need to reschedule, we ask that you call us as soon as possible to let us know.

Arrival/Waiting Room Policy

When arriving at the Coldwater Animal Hospital, we ask that you properly secure your animal when in the animal clinic. Dogs should be on a leash or in an animal carrier. Cats should also be secured in a carrier upon arrival. These policies must be followed to ensure the safety of both your pet and others while in the animal hospital. If your animal is known to be aggressive, a muzzle should be placed around their mouth before entering the animal hospital.

Please review our current COVID protocols.

Payment Methods

To learn more about estimated prices, contact Coldwater Animal Hospital anytime before your appointment. If your pet is undergoing a surgery, the surgeon can give you an estimated price for the procedure after they have evaluated your pet’s health and conditions.

Our payment options include cash, credit, debit, and check. We take all credit and debit cards that are Visa, Mastercard, or Discover. Checks require a valid driver’s license to be accepted. Payment is required as soon as the services are received.

We also accept CareCredit®. Learn more about it here.

Prescription Refills

Coldwater Animal Hospital offers a wide array of prescriptions that can help the health and comfort of your pet. If you would like to receive a prescription for your pet, you should speak with your veterinarian during their appointment. You can also schedule an appointment to see if your animal would benefit from a prescription. If you require a refill for your pet’s prescription, please contact the animal clinic as soon as possible. You can purchase prescriptions for your animal directly through our animal clinic or through our online pharmacy, Coldwater Animal Hospital Vets First Choice.

Note: We need 24-hour notice for refills, 48-hour notice for controlled substances and 1 week for special order items including food.

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